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Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics

In order to write an argumentative essay, you need a good topic idea to write about. When you are looking for a good topic for an argumentative essay, you should look for a controversial topic. The reason is that controversial topics have a lot of supporting evidence on both the supporting side and the opposing side.

Controversial issues are ones that are based on individual beliefs. There is really no right or wrong answer. There may be laws in some states that forbid an action but it will be legal in others.https://www.pinterest.com/powerpoint_templates/agriculture-powerpoint-templates/ These topics make great argumentative essays because you can easily prove your side of the debate.

  1. Abortion: This is a heavily debated topic between those that believe that a fetus should have rights and those that believe that it is up to the mother to decide to keep the baby or not.

  • Animal testing: This is another debated topic between those that believe that it is immoral to give animals deadly diseases and then try different cures on them and those that believe it is necessary to save the lives of millions.

  • Fur for fashion: This topic has supporters who believe that it is a fashion yes and the opposing individuals who believe it is immoral to kill animals for their fur.

  • Euthanasia: When one of our family pets gets diagnosed with a painful and deadly disease, we sometimes chose to put them out of their misery but some believe that this is not what we should do for our human family members.

  • Legalization of marijuana: A huge debate is waging on whether marijuana use should be legalized. Since we have other substances like cigarettes and alcohol legal it is hard for some to believe why marijuana isn't. However the opposing side believes that it will get out of control without proper regulations in place.

  • Death penalty: This is a well known argumentative topic because it is such a controversial issue. Is it moral to kill individuals for killing others?

  • Same sex marriage: Supporters believe that anyone should be able to marry anyone even if they are the same sex. The opposing side believes that same sex marriages should be banned.

  • Plastic surgery: Whether the issue is when is too much or whether it should be banned all together, many people debate the idea of plastic surgery.

  • Having kids before marriage: Should there be laws against having children out of wedlock? It used to be a huge "no-no" but now it is more popular than traditional methods.

  • Adoption of babies from other countries: Getting a baby from another country is popular these days with the whole "Bradgelina" and their army of cute ethnically diverse babies.

  • So there you have it, the top ten best topics for your argumentative topic. Pick the one that makes your blood boil and tell us why.

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